Resting Acres Pet Cemetery Attending college intending to become a funeral director in the mid 1990’s, Troy Spehar realized a need for services dealing with the passing and death of a pet in the area for which pet owners could have humane and professional services to help cope with the grief of the passing of a pet. So in 1998, Troy opened Resting Acres Pet Cemetery in Bradford, Pa.. The business was opened to offer pet cremation and burial services for pet owners in the area. Troy was currently working at Spink Funeral Home in Olean, NY at the time so he used his experience as a funeral director to develop the layout of how the business would work. “We’re not in business to just dispose of animals. This is set up just like a funeral home”, Troy said in a 1998 interview with the local newspaper. Troy also said his goal was to operate the facility at a high level of professionalism, because pets are part of the family and should be treated with that type of care and dignity.

In 2000, Troy took a job in the gas and oil industry in Bradford, Pa. This made it so he could be closer to the business and focus his funeral directing skills solely on pets. Troy has continually been working on the reputation and professionalism of the business ever since. His idea for creating humane services for the passing of a pet had become reality and his business began to grow in the next few years.

In 2004, Troy’s wife Amy came to work for Resting Acres. At the current time Amy worked as a pet groomer and operated a boarding facility for pets in Portville, NY. She had currently been working at the facility for ten years so being in a business dealing with pets and pet owners came second nature to Amy when she began working for Resting Acres. Since then her compassion and understanding for pets and their owners has been a huge asset to help assist with the business.

Resting Acres Pet Cemetery In 2012, Troy’s son Jesse also came to work for Resting Acres. Jesse has been continually helping with the business ever since his dad opened it in 1998. Jesse graduated college to teach secondary mathematics, but his compassion and pride in helping pet owners with their grief and passing of their pet led him to decide that working at Resting Acres is what suited him best for his future. Jesse stated “There is a definite need for a pet cemetery in the area we live in, I have been watching my Dad and Amy with this business for as long as I remember and have always been impressed with their compassion for the pets and pet owners, and I intend to continue running and doing things the same way they have throughout the future”.

Resting Acres is a family owned and operated pet cemetery and crematory. We are very proud to be part of the Bradford area and particularly proud to be the owners of a small business in the area as well. Troy, Amy, And Jesse at Resting Acres are all pet lovers and pet owners who understand the grief along with losing a beloved pet. “Because their family” is the motto for Resting Acres and that compassion is used towards every client encountered at Resting Acres. For More information on Resting Acres, call (814) 368-2200.